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Liam Herbert

P.O. Box 124

Sedona, AZ 86339

Phone: 928-282-2931

Fax: 928-282-3410


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"The Other Tribe"

Wood/Mixed Medium Sculpture (three figures)

by artist Liam Herbert 1990 - 2011

Man H 6'7" W 29" D 10"

Woman H 5'" W 17.5" D 11"

Child H 54" W 10.5" D 10.5"


"I decided to gather every day items to create this wood/mixed medium sculpture that incorporates things we all have in common with each other.

The trouble is that "The Other Tribe" represents the people we are afraid to communicate or socialize with, the people who don't share our belief systems. This is due to our own inner primitive fears of one another even though we are all so much the same".




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